006 Jesse Green – Radon Mitigation Specialist

006 Jesse Green – Radon Mitigation Specialist

Jesse Green

On today’s episode, Eric Schmoll interviews Jesse Green – Radon Mitigation Specialist. Jesse is the owner of American Radon Mitigation. He has been in the business for 2 years. Tune in, understand what radon is, and learn how you can keep your home safe all year round with radon testing and mitigation!

Start in Radon Mitigation

Jesse Green - Radon Mitigation SpeclialistJesse heard about the opportunity from his relatives. His aunt and uncle were both realtors, who saw the potential of radon business in the real estate market. With the release of the Radon Awareness Act of 2014, Jesse decided to head for a start.

The Act does not require radon test and mitigation but strongly recommends all homeowners to have their property tested. Radon is the leading cause of lung cancer.

Beyond Shyness

Jesse and Eric first met at a coaching event. Jesse was one of the sponsors who spoke that time. He is typically shy but does his best to go out of his comfort zone.

Radon Trends and Forecast

There will be a new system in 2018. It will require a radon tag for every job performed. You need to be a licensed technician to work on the job.

More radon awareness will soon rise and will lead to more tests and mitigation systems. In Minnesota alone, 2 in 5 home will test high for radon.

To hear about radon testing and mitigation, download and listen to Jesse Green – Radon Mitigation Specialist.

If you are short on time, here are the highlights of Jesse Green – Radon Mitigation Specialist:

  • Start in radon mitigation? ([0:56])
  • Trends in the industry? ([2:39)
  • Dealing with multiple suction points? ([3:50])
  • Jesse’s areas of specialization? ([5:19])
  • Pivotal part in business? ([9:55])
  • Business resources? ([12:29])
  • Showing what sets you apart? ([14:19])
  • Jesse’s piece of advice? ([16:56])
  • What it takes to set up a radon test? ([17:20])

Contact Jesse

Jesse is a certified radon specialist with years of experience. Feel free to call him at 612-790-2928 or email him at jesse@americanradonmitigation.com. You can also visit American Radon Association to know more about radon testing and mitigation.

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