004 Jake Clermont Financial Advisor Country Financial

004 Jake Clermont Financial Advisor Country Financial

Jake Clermont Financial Advisor Country Financial

On today’s episode, Eric Schmoll discusses financial planning and homeowners insurance with Jake Clermont. They jump into some major problems that Jake sees happen when people aren’t protected. Jake also shares with the biggest mistakes to avoid when selecting your HOI. His most important team member is his staff person, along with externally the mortgage consultants he works with. Tune in to their exciting talk!

Off to Financial Planning

Born and raised in Minnesota, Jake enjoyed playing the tuba for a marching band. He started working as a financial representative soon after graduating from college. He has been in the field for 7 years already.

Jake didn’t consider financial planning until he was halfway through college. He saw how helpful it was for everyone and just for those who can afford, and found that insurance was its major core. He came to love it, and have seen a lot of successes already at Country Financial.

Trends in the Industry

Homeowners may have seen how the insurance rates have increased due to the financial crisis in 2008. Massive spikes in claims showed up in the years that followed. For this, insurance companies needed to pay higher amounts of claims.

In some cases, insurance rates have increased to 3 or 4 times. To deal with this, homeowners are advised to get a copy of their decorations page and compare the quotes. Review and see what is available and what is needed.

Future and Present Reality Bites

Clients usually have their personal agents. It presents a great advantage in contrast to calling a CSR. In the future, however, Jake sees its possibility of being replaced with advanced technology. Regardless of this, there would still be a need for personal touch.

One of the common concerns with CSR is that the client needs to present the scenario first in every call. Many times the next representative the client talks to doesn’t have prior information. Having to explain all over again can be frustrating to many.

Another concern is that clients can end up in danger if they don’t understand what the insurance means. This is why it’s important for homeowners to learn how to diagnose their own needs as much as possible.

To hear more about financial planning and homeowners insurance, download and listen to Jake Clermont Financial Advisor Country Financial.  

If you are short on time, here are the highlights of Jake Clermont Financial Advisor Country Financial:

Off to financial planning? ([0:59])

Trends in the industry? ([7:57])

Future and present reality bites? ([10:56])

Horrifying experiences? ([15:04])

Pivotal part in Jake’s team? ([23:54])

Business resources? ([33:34])

Words of advice? ([36:21])

Contact Jake

Jake is an expert Financial Advisor with 7 years of experience. Feel free to call him at 952-474-0651 or email him at jake.clermont@countryfinancial.com. He welcomes any concerns about financial planning and insurance.

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