003 Leslie Szlavich Real Estate Transaction Coordinator

003 Leslie Szlavich Real Estate Transaction Coordinator

Meet Leslie Szlavich

On today’s episode, Eric Schmoll interviews Leslie Szlavich. Leslie is a transaction coordinator and realtor at Realty Group, Inc. She has been in the industry for over 19 years and specializes in bank owned REO properties and short sales.  Leslie shares her passion for her clients and most importantly her family.

A Purposeful Start

Leslie has been in the industry since 1997. She was going to college full time when she found an ad for property management. Within a week of attendance, she knew that she was meant to work in real estate.

Trends in the Real Estate Industry

The current trends in the industry include foreclosures and short sales. In Leslie’s last 4 appointments,  the sellers have all been under water and needed to sell quickly.

The opportunity in such situations is good. If the property is priced right, it could sell in a matter of days. this market is attractive to Leslie and her colleagues because they have a professional negotiator who is good at completing short sales.

Technological Advancement

Advancement in technology is another trend in the industry. Lately most of the transactions—eventually everything, as many predict—has been processed through mobile phones. It provides a faster way to complete everything. The mortgage industry has been behind on this aspect, but technology can truly help to streamline the process.

To hear more about Leslie Szlavich and her real estate success story, download and listen to the entire episode.  

If you are short on time, here are the highlights of Leslie Szlavich:

A purposeful start? ([0:58])

Trends in the real estate industry? ([1:57])

Technological advancements? ([4:10])

Horrifying experience? ([5:30])

Biggest mistakes in real estate transactions? ([9:39])

Light up a loan officer? ([15:46])

Habit towards success? ([20:36])

Leslie’s piece of advice? ([25:00])

Contact Leslie

Leslie is an expert in the real estate market specializing in short sales and foreclosures. Feel free to contact her at 651-278-6661 to learn more!

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