005 Maris Schilling – Biggest Real Estate Transaction Mistakes

005 Maris Schilling – Biggest Real Estate Transaction Mistakes

Maris Schilling – Biggest Real Estate Transaction Mistakes

On today’s episode, Eric Schmoll discusses buying, renovating, renting and investing in real estate with Maris Schilling. Maris is a long time realtor at Bridge Realty who shares his insight into the biggest mistakes he sees in real estate transactions. You’ll also hear about some interesting IRS stories in Maris Schilling – Biggest Real Estate Transaction Mistakes.

Getting Started in Real Estate

Maris started his real estate career in his early 20’s by purchasing then renovating, renting and selling those properties.  Through his success as an investor, he became interested in becoming a realtor so he did not have to rely on an agent to for his real estate transactions.
Today, Maris focuses on real estate as an investment. An investment not just as a money maker but as part of most people’s largest single purchase they will ever make in planning for their future.

Trends and Technology

Bridge RealtyMaris sees a larger market for multi-family units as opposed to stand alone homes. He attributes this to people’s interests. Young people today are not interested in large yards and gardening and upkeep. They want to get home and relax.
Another trend is with technology. With the advent of the world wide web, the internet has become an integral part of real estate. People are able to search for and view properties online.

Challenging Transactions

Some of Maris’s most interesting transactions involved helping individuals sell a property to satisfy IRS liens. The IRS placed a window within the property had to be sold otherwise they would enforce the lien and seize the property. Maris was able to sell the properties in a timely fashion and relieve his clients of that burden.
To hear about the biggest buyer and seller mistakes Maris sees, download and listen to Maris Schilling – Biggest Real Estate Transaction Mistakes.
If you are short on time, here are the highlights of Maris Schilling – Biggest Real Estate Transaction Mistakes:
Who is Maris Schilling? ([0:43])
Trends in the industry? ([2:49)
Personal attachment ([7:35])
Planning ahead ([10:09])
Maris’s biggest necessity? ([11:47])
Business resources? ([12:56])
Maris’s favorite organizations? ([16:04])
Words of wisdom: ([17:48])

Contact Maris

Jake is an expert Financial Advisor with 7 years of experience. Feel free to call him at 612-716-7357 email him at marisschilling50@gmail.com or visit his website. There you can search for properties, look at communities or use his buyer and seller tools.

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